Preventative Care

Checkups & Cleaning

By seeing your dentist every six months for cleaning, an exam and X-rays, you do wonders for your smile. Regular checkups can detect problems while they are small, and a dental hygienist will provide a gentle, thorough cleaning to prevent any buildup. Most insurance companies cover the check-up and cleaning at or near 100 percent.



Our sealants will smooth out the small grooves in a molar that can’t be cleaned by brushing. Sealants are helpful in preventing cavities down the road.



With digital radiography, we take X-rays using 50-70 percent less radiation versus conventional X-rays. Using our imaging software, digital X-ray technology allows us to enhance and enlarge the images for a better diagnosis.


Sleep Dentistry

Take a short nap and awaken with a wonderful smile — Soft Touch Dental offers IV sedation, which allows patients to obtain dental treatment without anxiety or stress, and in total comfort. Whether you fear going to the dentist, or have extra sensitivity, we offer safe, painless sleep dentistry. Ask us about it when you call for your appointment.